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Following emigrants

Groups - Walk

You follow in the footsteps of emigrants from their arrival in Central Station to the Red Star Line buildings on the Eilandje. Red Star Line ocean steamers moored on the Rijnkaai, which was literally a step towards a better life overseas.

The walk

Put yourself in the shoes of an emigrant and allow yourself to be led through Antwerp, to the departure point of the Red Star Line, the beginning of a better life.

Antwerp and the Red Star Line are inextricably linked together. Millions of emigrants arrived in Antwerp and then moved to other destinations, and that left a mark on the city. Traces of their presence are often inconspicuous, but they hide a huge story.


  • Duration: 3 hours 
  • 20 people per guide
  • Languages: Dutch/French/English/German/other languages on request 


  • Guided walk: €115 euro + €25 administration fee
  • Entrance to the tower is included. Museum entry is not included. For ticket rates, see 'Tickets & Rates'.
  • Prices are conditional

Information and reservations

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