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Museum shop

The entrance to the shed is accessible for free. Till 5 PM you can enter the shop and temporary exhibition. Feel free to have a chat at our museum café during the weekend and/or events.

The Warehouse

In total more than 2 million passengers travelled with the Red Star Line. Impossible to get to know them all? With your help we will complete the story of the Red Star Line.

Tailored to families

The Red Star Line Museum is a child-friendly museum. Find out why.

Historical and contemporary

The original buildings of the shipping company were carefully restored. The new tower reflects the experiences of the former travellers, who looked out over Antwerp from the towering ocean steamers.

Red Star Line in Antwerp

The Red Star Line was active on 'het Eilandje' in Antwerp’s harbour for more than half a century. All that activity left traces in the city, especially on 'het Eilandje'.

Take the Red Star Line home with you

The museum shop has something ‘nautical’ that will appeal to you. Take a look in the shop after your museum visit or just drop by. The entrance is free.

Help writing the story of the museum

Do you have a story that is related to the history of the Red Star Line, a Red Star Line passenger, or to past or contemporary migration? We want to hear it!

The Red Star Line Museum could use your help

The Red Star Line Museum came about thanks to the input of many people and agencies. For its operation, the museum depends on the financial contribution of different partners. You can make a contribution too.

Our sponsors

For the founding of the museum, the city of Antwerp could count on the support of many sponsors and partners.

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