• Temporary exhibition
    27 May 2016 - 4 September 2016 from 09:30 to 17:00
    The expo will be on display at Ellis Island, New York during the summer of 2016. The exhibition recounts the stories of passengers who underwent examinations in Rijnkaai and in the Great Hall in Ellis Island. It also examines the role the Red Star Line played in the lives of such famous passengers as Albert Einstein and Irving Berlin.
  • Story
    The story of world famous photographer Eduard Jean Steichen, and how his journey across the Atlantic as a young boy shaped his future.
  • Here you will find an overview of all the information and activities to plan your visit.
  • Temporary exhibition
    28 April 2016 - 28 August 2016 from 10:00 to 17:00
    Since April 28, 2016, the Red Star Line Museum has been presenting "Ali's Boat", the work of Iraqi-Dutch artist Sadik Kwaish Alfraji. "Ali's Boat" is the artist's personal and contemporary interpretation of the museum's central theme, namely the dream of millions of people to build a new life elsewhere.
  • Bezoekers in het Red Star Line Museum (Foto Joris Casaer)
    The Red Star Line Museum has a lot to offer. In addition to the permanent exhibition, we also host temporary exhibitions, in a stunning building, with an extensive collection...
  • Gebouwen Red Star Line Museum
    Are you planning to visit the museum on your own, with your family, your class or school, a group or a company? Here you will find an overview of all our activities.
  • Story
    Do you have a story that is related to the history of the Red Star Line, a Red Star Line passenger, or to past or contemporary migration? We want to hear it!
  • Millions of passengers travelled with Red Star Line and told stories about their journeys to their children and grandchildren. You can read some of the most beautiful stories here. Maybe you have a past or present migration story of your own, which you would like to tell us. Share it with us via ‘Your story’.
  • The Red Star Line Museum invites you on an exciting voyage. Discover the story of the shipping company, the city of Antwerp and its harbour. Above all, discover the emigrants’ stories. Perhaps it is your story too. You may recognise yourself in a person; you might recognise a place, a voyage, an arrival or departure, maybe even a new beginning. Welcome aboard!
  • The Red Star Line sheds were the stepping stone to a new life in the United States and Canada. Dreams were made or broken here: who is allowed to leave, who must stay.

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