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Late night opening for students Dutch - 2024

Adult education - Nocturne

Are you teaching evening classes for non-native speakers? Are you coaching an integration training programme? You and your students are very welcome at the Red Star Line Museum for a late night visit!

    Tuesday 1 October 2024 from 18:00 to 21:00
    More dates
    Wednesday 20 November 2024 from 18:00 to 21:00
    Thursday 12 December 2024 from 18:00 to 21:00

For a considerably long time Antwerp was the place where immigrants – often from Eastern Europe – took a Red Star Line Ship to America where they hoped to build a new future for themselves. Nowadays, Antwerp quite often is the final destination for migrants. In other words, the museum’s stories from the past are unmistakably linked to the here and now in Antwerp and in Belgium.

The Red Star Line Museum compiled educational materials in close collaboration with experienced NT2-teachers. These educational materials will enable you to prepare your visit in the classroom as well as guide your students during their actual visit to the museum.


  • What? Exclusive late night opening for students NT2 and students integration training programmes
  • Cost: Admission is free for school groups
  • Programme? Come to the ticket office at the starting time (choose from 18:00, 18:15, 18:30, 18:45, 19:00, 19.15, 19.30). Depending on the number of people 2 or 3 groups will be admitted for each time slot. 
  • Bookings: Advance booking is obligatory. Book here.

Tours with museum guides are not possible. Teachers walk around with their students and give a guided tour using the educational materials that are handed out by the Red Star Line Museum. Teachers receive the materials when the booking for their visit has been confirmed. You guide the group in our permanent exhibition.

Your registration will be confirmed by e-mail, in which you will also receive the educational material. Your registration is not valid without this confirmation. Registrations are closed one week before the evening opening.

Do you still have questions? Please contact Nadia Babazia at


Looking for informal language practice opportunities for your NT2 students? Our guides will read authentic stories from the museum with your class.

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