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Our sponsors

For the founding of the museum, the city of Antwerp could count on the support of many sponsors and partners.


Group CMB, the former Compagnie Maritime Belge, is the founder of the Red Star Line Museum.

CMB is an international maritime group headquartered in Antwerp. The company contributed a considerable amount to the financing of the construction works. In exchange, CMB's name was linked to the project for 15 years.


As a Bolder sponsor, many contributed to the further high-quality development of the 'Warehouse'. You can find the names of the Bolder sponsors on the "Donor Wall" at the entrance of the museum. 

Every sponsor is important to us, regardless of size. We are grateful to every sponsor!

Our partners

Many dozens of partner institutions were involved in the realization of the Red Star Line Museum. The museum has a long-term collaboration with several of them.

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