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babbelcafe foto: Tom Cornille

Try-out babbel-café with family | practice dutch together with your family

Practice Dutch in our café with your whole family. Children are also welcome. You get a free drink and a ticket for the museum.

Want to practice Dutch with your family? Come with your children to the Red Star Line Museum on Sunday 4 June.

  • Abdellah, Halofom and Zakaria (three students from Ligo) & Nele (from the Red Star Line Museum) will give you a warm welcome.
  • You can craft with your family or/and chat with other families.
  • Sit at a table and chat with students, friends, family or visitors to the museum.
  • Each table has a different language level. You choose where you sit. You can also switch.

For whom?

  • For people learning Dutch.
  • For people who want to become a language buddy. Language buddies occasionally meet up with a foreign-speaking Antwerper and practice Dutch.


Sunday 4 June from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.


  • Free
  • You get a free drink and a ticket for the museum


+++ This activity is a test event. From September 2023, we will organise the Babbel café on fixed days. +++

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