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All hands on deck

Guided tour - Families

Follow in the footsteps of migrants with your (grand)children and a guide. Reserve a tour for just your family, or take the tour with other families. The Red Star Line Museum provides a family guided tour that is tailored to both little ones and grown-ups.

An active tour

Your family wants to move to America, permanently. Your suitcase is at the ready, but you haven't packed it yet. What will you take with you? What do you need? Is your new country the same as here? An enthusiastic tour guide takes you on a journey, suitcase in hand. During the tour, your suitcase will be packed with money, a ticket, clothes and other items, but sometimes things will disappear from it as well. 

Practical information

  • Tour for families with children between 6 and 12 years old, accompanied by their (grand)parents, godparents or aunties etc. 
  • Duration: 90 minutes + visit to the tower.
  • Max. 15 persons per group/guide (adults and children). 
  • € 120 per group + museum admission. For ticket prices, see 'Tickets & Rates'.
  • The tour is available in Dutch, French, English and German. Other languages available upon request. 

Book a guided tour at Experience Antwerp.

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  • The guide will be waiting for you in the Red Star Line Museum. The waiting area is to the left of the entrance doors.
  • There are wristbands for you at the reception desk, which give you access to the museum.
  • You can use group or individual lockers to store your personal items. 
  • The guide will take you on a tour of the museum and the tower.

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