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Via Antwerp - Migrants' stories

Secondary school - Guided tour

The migrants boarding ships in Antwerp had often travelled a long way to get there. By the time they reached the buildings of the Red Star Line, they already had an entire journey behind them. During this interactive tour of the museum, you will hear their stories and experience their journeys from their perspectives.

The tour

You will follow in the footsteps of the emigrants and feel their enthusiasm and fear, their excitement and uncertainty. You will experience the goodbyes and the obstacles, as well as the adventure, the discoveries and the hopes of a new life on the other side of the ocean.

The museum tells the history of the emigrants using real stories. It is an almost forgotten history, which you can keep alive by listening and responding, and by adding to and sharing the stories. When you book a tour with the Red Star Line Museum, you are not only journeying through the past, but also the present and the future.

Practical information

  • Interactive tour based on emigrants’ stories
  • For pupils aged 16 and up
  • Duration: 90 minutes including a visit to the tower
  • 15 persons per guide
  • Available languages: Dutch/French/English/German. Other languages are available upon request


  • Guided tour: €90 per group of max. 15 persons + € 5 administration fee.
  • Access to the museum is free for school groups. You only pay for the guide.
  • Prices subject to change


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