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© Victoriano Moreno

The collection

Our collection

The collection of the Red Star Line Museum is atypical. The story behind the historical place and its link with the present is our focal point.

The stories

Stories of emigrants, cruise passengers and crew members. Stories of love migration or labour migration. Historical or contemporary, we keep them all.


The collection contains historical testimonies and documents, but also contemporary stories about migration. And works by Antwerp artists for whom migration was an inspiring theme.

Collection online

You can search for and download images of our collection yourself.

Research tips

Do you want to know more about the family history of a migrant but don't know where to start looking? A few tips will get you started.

Kennis en onderzoek

We breiden onze collectie uit via onderzoeks- en participatieve projecten, maar ook door samenwerking met partners bij het opzetten van tijdelijke expo’s.

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