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mensen zitten aan tafels, fotos hangen aan de muur

‘Home Sweet Home’ project and exhibition


In 2014, the Red Star Line Museum celebrated ‘Fifty Years of Turkish and Moroccan migration’. The ‘Home Sweet Home’ exhibition on travelling and coming home was staged in the museum Shed in collaboration with the artist Bülent Öztürk and the photographer Mashid Mohadjerin. It was supplemented by six family stories about the annual journey to the country of origin and the meaning of this ritual. The museum also worked with young people of Turkish and Moroccan origin to create an online exhibition on ‘Travel to Morocco and Turkey’, which could be seen live at the museum. Throughout that summer, they posted holiday photos with the tag #rslreis. Working with the young people was both intense and intensive. Through the many personal contacts and preparatory workshops, the museum was able to encourage the youngsters to keep contributing to ‘their’ exhibition during their holidays.

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