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Collecting stories

The Red Star Line Museum is a place where stories of people’s journeys - anytime, anywhere, past and present - come to life. At the museum’s core is a collection of hundreds of such highly personal accounts.

So far, the museum has amassed 900 historical narratives, in addition to 500 new stories.
We’ve seen faint memories evolve into deeply moving reunions of long-lost relatives.
The experience of standing on the very spot where your (great-) grandfather or grandmother once stood, in hope of finding a better future elsewhere, is hard to describe and entirely unique.

Thanks to the many testimonies of employees who once worked on Red Star Line ships, the history of the ocean passenger line can finally be pieced together.  

Share your story

Share your story with us in any possible way, whether by e-mail, by letter, by phone, at the museum desk, on Facebook, in our visitor’s log, on our website or in a personal interview. 
Any accompanying photos and documents are digitally stored and contribute to bringing a story to life. Every story, long or short, major or minor, gets a place in the museum’s 'Warehouse'. 

Lose yourself in our rich collection. Some of these stories may be used later on in the museum’s permanent collection or for temporary exhibitions.

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