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© Victoriano Moreno

Project ‘Fieldworkers’


In 2017 the museum started the fieldworkers project. Fieldworkers are people with a refugee history and/or a migration background. During this project, they interviewed people about their story as a refugee.

The fieldworkers were very close to the interviewees, they spoke their language and were familiar with the area or country they came from.

One doesn’t become a field worker just like that. We set up an intensive training course in heritage methods and interview techniques. Our fieldworkers – Wendy Abusabal Sanchez, Andres Lübbert, Sanaa El Fekri, Wendy Kegels, Diana Dimbueni, Polina Gerelchuk, Samer Jadallah, Ursula Jaramillo, Wendy Kegels, Samuel Pinillos, Vida Razavi – compiled more than 30 inspiring refugee stories. These stories are now part of the museum collection. They are at the basis of a number of small and big productions, exhibitions and activities we organise in collaboration with our external partners.

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