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© Victoriano Moreno

Roots Seekers


The presentation of ‘Roots Seekers’ showed us the story of people in search of their own distant and recent past. It brought us the stories of the Red Star Line passengers, told by distant and close relatives. For more recent migration stories, the museum worked together with the girls from the 7th study year “Nursing care” of the Sint-Agnes Institute in Borgerhout. In various workshops, the museum encouraged them to discover their own family and migration history.

They were inspired by other artistic ‘roots seekers’, like the artist Faryda Moumouh, university employee/filmmaker Hassna Al Gazuani, ‘spoken word’ artist Annissa Boujdaini and journalist and vlogger Keltoum Belorf. They converted their own research into a creative project for the presentation of ‘ Roots Seekers’. During the exhibition the girls proudly told their story to the general public.

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