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Staff and employees

In the Red Star Line Museum, many employees work 100% every day to ensure that visitors have a safe and relaxing visit to the museum. Who are they?


  • Karen Moeskops: museum director


  • Greet Van Halewyck: administration and finances
  • Rachid Kourrich: facility manager
  • Theo De Nijs: manager team attendants


  • Dorine De Vos: families and schools, guides ...
  • Nadia Babazia: diversity and participation, outreach
  • Patricia Mannaerts: event manager
  • Elke Algoet: project Language learning
  • Reception:

Marketing / Communication

  • Claire Verstraeten: marketing and communicatiemanager Red Star Line Museum and MAS
  • Marc Grenné: indoor, outdoor and online campaigns Red Star Line Museum en MAS
  • Jeroen Lagrou: indoor, outdoor and online campaigns Red Star Line Museum en MAS
  • Nadia De Vree: press officer museums city of Antwerp

Research, collection and conservation

  • Bram Beelaert: curator, permanent collection, research
  • Els Baetens: digital collection, historical stories and research 
  • Hilda Van Hove: depot, collection management, donations and requests
  • Rabab Hammoudi: project collection registration
  • Aniek Smit: oral historian
  • Kristien de Waal: production design exhibitions

Contact us

If you would like to contact one of the employees, please send an e-mail to

A traineeship

The Red Star Line Museum offers traineeships for the most diverse profiles. Communication, public relations, research, secretarial work, events ... Please send your application to The number of trainees is limited.

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