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foto: Victoriano Moreno

Yousuf Eid

I hope my story can help other refugees.

Yousuf comes from Gaza and told us his story for the Stories of Refugees exhibition.

The decision to leave his home is one of the hardest choices he has ever had to make. The process of rebuilding his life in Belgium required a great deal of energy and determination. By sharing his story with the museum, Yousuf hopes to build understanding of the trials, fears and obstacles that refugees face in their search for security and asylum. By presenting the human aspect of refugee experiences, he aims to dispel stereotypes and prejudices.

In addition, it is important to Yousuf that the museum archives historical events and waves of migration so that they are preserved for future generations.

Collaborating with the museum helped Yousuf to establish contact with fellow refugees and various communities, which reinforced his sense of inclusion.


Yousufs contribution to the museum

Yousuf donated his story of his flight from Gaza, Palestine to Belgium.

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