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mensen zitten aan tafels, fotos hangen aan de muur

Home Sweet Home

28.05.2014 - 14.09.2014

Temporary Exhibition - Individual visitors

Exhibition on travel and coming home. Fifty years of migration from Morocco and Turkey is also 50 years of travelling and coming home in Antwerp, in Morocco, in Turkey. Bülent Öztürk and Mashid Mohadjerin, two Antwerp artists, worked on this theme. What does the annual trip to the country of origin, between two places where they feel at home, mean? You will find out in this exhibition, together with the travel accounts of hundreds of fellow city dwellers who travel from here to there, and back. Feel free to add your own experiences.

Travel as a ritual

Fifty years ago, Belgium signed migration agreements with Morocco and Turkey.  The 'guest workers' of those days now have children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren in some cases.  Yet, the ties with the country of origin have not been cut.  Every summer, entire families travel between Belgium, Morocco and Turkey.  This ritual is more than a holiday. It strengthens family ties, brings the past back to life, but also confirms the link with Belgium. It connects here and there, then and now. 

The journey of Mashid Mohadjerin and Bülent Öztürk

Two Antwerp artists, Mashid Mohadjerin and Bülent Öztürk, set to work on this theme. For the Red Star Line Museum, they created new work about being underway and coming home, whether this is in Turkey, Morocco, Belgium, or yet another place.

Bülent Öztürk built a tahta, a four-poster bed that reminds him of his annual holiday in his native region and stands for the safe haven. Mashid Mohadjerin travelled in the footsteps of the many families to Morocco and, using her Hasselblad camera, photographed both desolate and vibrant places of transit. The journey got her musing about the annual trip she made with her parents.

Travel in 2014

Leaving in order to come home, both on the outward and return journey. This was also what the photo and story books of six Antwerp families were about. They took you on their summer trip there and back.

And meanwhile you could follow the journey which hundreds of fellow city dwellers and citizens were making that summer, live on this website and in the museum. Young and old, together or alone, happily or reluctantly, gladly or nostalgically. You could travel with them, share their adventures and thoughts on the move. You could even add your own travel experiences.


  • 23.05.2014 to 14.09.2014
  • At The Loods of the Red Star Line Museum

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