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With a guide

Guided tours

A guided tour makes a visit to the museum even more fun and interesting. The guide tells all sorts of stories and interesting facts about our collection and the temporary exhibitions. We offer various guided tours and city walks. Book them at a time of your choice. Can't get a group together to book a guide? Then just join a guided tour 'Follow the guide' on Sunday.

Guided tours

Stories of refugees - guided tour

Discover our temporary exhibition with a guide.

Via Antwerp

An interactive guided tour based on emigrant stories, suitable for adults and youths aged 16 and older.

Gids zoekt groep

Hoor je graag één van onze museumgidsen vertellen, maar kan je niet aansluiten bij een groepsrondleiding? Dan is dit iets voor jou.

City walks

Looking for the Red Star Line

A two-hour walk on the Eilandje, near the buildings of the Red Star Line shipping company (grounds of the Red Star Line Museum).

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