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Stories of refugees


In 2021, it was exactly 70 years since the Refugee Convention was signed by 24 countries in Geneva. In the aftermath of WW2, this convention established the definition of a refugee and who was entitled to asylum. Even today, there are 80 million people fleeing their countries worldwide, and this is the subject of much discussion in our society.

To mark this anniversary, the Red Star Line Museum created the "Stories of refugees" exhibition. It explores what it means to be on the run, beyond laws and political agreements. People with a story of refuge tell their story, personal objects and interviews bring it to life. 

The Red Star Line Museum tells the story of two million passengers who once made the crossing to America on the Red Star Line's steamships. Some of them would be considered as refugees today. It shows that this is not merely an actual issue of the past few years. Throughout history, millions of people left their homes through wars and crises, seeking safety.

The "Stories of refugees" exhibition is an authentic journey along stories of refugees who have come to Belgium over the last 70 years. Stories of frustration, uncertainty and trauma, as well as courage, resilience and persistence. What decisions did they have to make during their journeys? Who did they meet along the way? What about the label ‘refugee’? Will they ever not be a 'refugee’? This exhibition gets you thinking.

World Refugee Day

On the 20th of June 2021, International World Refugee Day, we asked Vida, Noor, Angela and Zakaria to read some pieces from the Geneva Convention and tell us what it means to them. The film is a collaboration between Atlas Antwerp, the Red Cross asylum for refugees 'Linkeroever' and the Red Star Line Museum.

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    • The exhibition 'Stories of refugees' opens on 1/4/2022
    • Book a ticket in advance.

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    Stories of refugees - guided tour

    Discover our temporary exhibition with a guide.

    Histoires des réfugiés - visite guidée pour écoles

    L’un de nos guides, lui-même enseignant, vous fera faire le tour de cette exposition.

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