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Become a donor

Your gift, donation or legacy makes a significant difference in helping the Red Star Line Museum achieve its mission. When you give something to the Red Star Line Museum, you make a difference. With your donation, you become part of our story.

There are all kinds of possibilities to donate. It depends, of course, on your personal situation.

How to donate?

A gift

Financial donations are accepted with gratitude. Are you interested in donating to the Red Star Line Museum? Please contact

An object or a story

Are you considering donating a Red Star Line-related object to the museum? If you own a historical object and would like to donate it to the museum collection, please contact or tel +32 3 298 27 70. The museum team will examine with pleasure whether the object meets the criteria.

The Red Star Line Museum is also looking for people who want to share their personal Red Star Line story with us and other interested parties. By telling authentic stories, the museum wants to give the migration wave to America a human face.

A legacy

You can include the Red Star Line Museum in your will, alongside your legal heirs. Leaving a bequest (a certain amount of money, an object from your estate) to the Red Star Line Museum costs nothing today, but will be extremely valuable to the Red Star Line Museum in the future. Moreover, you are leaving behind a memory.

If you decide to leave a bequest to the Red Star Line Museum via your will, please discuss this with your notary public first (read more at You can involve us in your future plans in confidence. We treat all information with the utmost confidentiality.

Becoming a donor

Contact us via

Every gift, every donation, every legacy is important to us - regardless of its size. We are deeply grateful to every donor.

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