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Bumba | Eveline Ebeneser foto: Dries Luyten

Bumba | Eveline Ebeneser

Artist exhibition Homesickness

Who is Bumba?

Bumba consists of menacing and pure word art. And sometimes these are transformed into physical objects.

She searches for the hidden beauty in the banality of life. With her words, she gives value back to banality.

Or she makes impossible desires possible in her creations.

Bumba is a bridge builder between a house and a home. She likes to place her creations on people's wounds so they have a chance to grow along with her art. Her art is a natural medicine.

Fall into her soul and discover her pure magic.


Bumba has her say

Between life and death, I call myself today. I am an alter genius who enjoys being 'me'. Don't take the time to read my text, because you will miss half my life. Do not sink too deeply into my works, for you will find yourself.

I don't have to die before you learn to appreciate my art. Now I'm gone.


Her name was Bumba. She lived only a short time so she was not unhappy for long.


What is homesickness?

Homesickness is a distant memory. I have always created my own home.

I only experience a sense of deprivation when my loved ones lack something.

Crying and laughing, striving harder to miss something. That is my deprivation. I do my best to miss something.


Bumba's work can be seen in

Homesickness. Between comfort and pride

Art exhibition you can help grow

Travel along with nine artists and find out about their homesickness. Their ongoing search for what really matters, for what makes coming home so emotional. Inspired? Leave your own mark, too.

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