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foto: Victoriano Moreno

Caroline Emmett Bourgois

I want to convey a message of resilience.

“My collaboration with the Red Star Line Museum is linked to my mother, Linda Emmet. She donated one of my grandfather’s transposing pianos to the museum.

I was always very interested in my grandfather’s roots and liked to work on projects related to his emigration story and emigration issues in general. Emigration is an event that can be challenging and even traumatising for emigrants. At the same time, it can be a radical change for their offspring. For the emigrant, it means that he lives between identities and has to find his way in contrasting worlds. It is hard work learning a new language and adapting to a new culture.

Yet it can be an extraordinary opportunity for self-development and inner enrichment. I hope my grandfather’s story can bring joy and hope to those who experience these profound changes.”


Caroline's contribution to the museum

Caroline Emmett Bourgois is the granddaughter of composer Irving Berlin. One of her father's transposing pianos was given a place of honor in our permanent exhibition.

Sohmer & Cie (New York), private collection

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