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Museum shop

De Loods (The Shed) was the name of the old baggage shed. It is now the entrance of the Red Star Line Museum. You can enter De Loods for free. It is open one hour later than the museum itself. It houses an attractive museum café, a museum shop and it offers a temporary exhibition. De Loods is a great place to relax before or after visiting the museum. You can also pop in if you are in the neighbourhood.

Museum Shop

Do you want the Red Star Line in your home? The museum shop offers a wealth of irresistible items: vintage posters and postcards, pens and paper, books about the history of the Red Star Line and its passengers, souvenirs for young and old, and lovely items from the ‘Cleaned and Disinfected by the Red Star Line’ collection, which includes a perfume inspired by the voyages of the Belgenland II.


  • Tuesday to Friday from 10 am to 5 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday from 10 am tot 6 pm

Free entrance


Temporary Exhibition

In the impressive décor of the old baggage shed you can view temporary exhibitions all year round. Please check our activity overview to view temporary exhibitions.


Visitor's area

The visitor’s area is located in the cellar of the museum. It offers: 

  • Lockers for jackets and bags
  • Restrooms
  • First Aid and breastfeeding room
  • Baby changing tables

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