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The museum's DNA

You cannot establish a museum in one day, and you cannot do it alone. You need a special location, a great idea and lots of people working together to realise that wonderful project. Lots of patience, ten years of hard work and a bit of luck has resulted in a beautiful museum that tells the history of the Red Star Line shipping company and its passengers. Having Antwerp as a décor really helps.

DNA of the museum

The Red Star Line Museum
…is a place of remembrance
…on an authentic location
…with a narrative scenography
…aims to offer an experience
…is participatory
…is contemporary

To clarify things, the Red Star Line Museum

…brings forgotten history back to life
…is located on the spot where that history took place
…is a universal story about people
…is told from the perspective of those who experienced it
…works together with the general public 
…has one central question: what does this history mean today?










Foto: Michel Wuyts

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