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Omid Aghajani tijdens Remember Berlin concert foto: Victoriano Moreno

Omid Aghajani

Remember Berlin

Omid was born in Iran. There he received a classical trumpet training. Via the non-profit organization Zing Zang Zong, he found his way to the Antwerp Conservatory. His main instrument is guitar and he is open to all kinds of musical influences.


Omid recognized himself in the refugee story of a composer and the search for spiritual freedom that can be found in the love for music.


The result - Woman life freedom

Part of the project


Remember Berlin

A musical project

In 1893 Irving Berlin crossed the ocean to America on a Red Star Line boat. There he became one of the most influential composers of the 20th century. 130 years later, the Red Star Line Museum wants to provide a platform again and support young musicians in chasing their dreams.

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