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Houten koffer met op het deksel in witte letters 'J. Luys Antwerp Belgium'

Walter Luys

I’m glad the mementos my aunt kept still mean something.

It is by pure chance that Walter Luys donated family objects to the Red Star Line Museum.

He visited the museum shortly after it was opened. There he saw a suitcase that had belonged to Jozef Luys, who turned out to be Walter’s grandfather! The suitcase had ended up in a second-hand shop in Antwerp and was donated to us. Walter searched his family’s archives and found a heap of documents and photographs linked to his grandfather’s emigration. His aunt had saved a lot of things from the journey with the Red Star Line.

After his donation to the Red Star Line Museum, Walter visited the museum several times, his children and grandchildren too.

Jozef Luys migrated to the US at the beginning of the last century. His family soon followed. In 1920, the family sold all their possessions in the US and returned to Belgium.


Walters contribution to the museum

Walter's grandfather's suitcase came to us through a second-hand shop in Antwerp. Walter found a lot of documents and photos of his grandfather in the family archives.

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