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A journey for life

Schools - Guided tour

In the 19th and 20th centuries, millions of people travelled from Europe to America. Some travelled with their entire families; others made the trip alone. Today, there are still many children who experience migration first-hand - either because their fathers make the journey, or because they themselves travel in search of a better life. This is the subject of this tour for secondary school pupils.

About the tour

Over two million people travelled to America via Antwerp on ships owned by the Red Star Line. Some of them made the trip alone, others went with their families. Many others would have the rest of their family follow them years later. And not all of them emigrated for good. Many migrants wanted to make money fast and then move back home.

In the museum, we encourage young people to consider the fundamental decisions involved in migration. Decisions which are sometimes permanent and which impact the entire family. These themes remain relevant today. That is why we encourage pupils to do their own research after their visit. We ask them to look for stories in their own environments and to record them for the museum.

Supplementary teaching materials (in Dutch)

Practical information

  • Interactive tour based on migrants’ stories
  • For pupils aged 16 and up
  • Duration: 90 minutes including a visit to the tower
  • 15 persons per guide
  • Available languages: Dutch/French/English/German. Other languages are available upon request


  • Guided tour: € 100 per group of max. 15 persons 
  • Access to the museum is free for school groups. You only pay for the guide

Book a guided tour at Experience Antwerp.

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  • The guide will be waiting for you in the Red Star Line Museum. The waiting area is to the left of the entrance doors.
  • There are wristbands for you at the reception desk, which give you access to the museum.
  • You can use the group and individual lockers to store your personal items. 
  • The guide will take you on a tour of the museum and the tower.


The pupils can eat their packed lunches in the museum café if you also purchase drinks in the café. Weather permitting, you could also have a picnic in the Belvedère Park (on the bank of the Scheldt) to complement your museum visit.

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