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School visits

A visit to the Red Star Line Museum is a journey into the past and an encounter with the present. Migration then was quite different from migration as we know it today. But the human aspect of the story is universal and timeless. A guide will take you and your students on an adventure in the museum and/or the city. En route you will get to meet the Red Star Line’s passengers.

Classes are welcome!

The Red Star Line Museum is an ideal destination for a surprising class trip on a fascinating and topical subject. The story of shipping company Red Star Line and its passengers is a trip to the past and a meeting with the present.

Several guided tours

The Red Star Line Museum offers various guided tours tailored to different levels of education. The tours are in line with the developmental objectives and attainment targets.

  • If you want to visit with your class, please book a time slot via
  • Book a guided tour via Experience Antwerp.
  • Admission to the museum is free for school groups that have booked beforehand. 

Do you need some inspiration for preparing your visit and guiding your pupils?
Read our guiding inspiration for teachers.

Histoires des réfugiés - visite guidée pour écoles

L’un de nos guides, lui-même enseignant, vous fera faire le tour de cette exposition.

A journey for life

Interactive tour, based on migration stories from the past and present. For secondary school pupils. Supplementary teaching materials available for technical and vocational secondary education (TSO and BSO).

Via Antwerp - Migrants' stories

Interactive tour in a group, suitable for pupils aged 16 and up.

Quotes along the way (for schools)

A walk between Central Station and Red Star Line Museum on the trail of land movers for students in the second or third grade of secondary education.

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