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Emzar Kvaratskhelia

Never give up. You can’t defeat love!

Emzar is from Georgia. He was forced to flee to Belgium in 2018 as an LGBTQIA+ activist.

The museum has a flag from Emzar in its collection. Emzar’s flag was previously on display in the museum during an exhibition that gathered together a series of refugee stories to mark the 70th anniversary of the Geneva Convention. But at the end of that exhibition, Emzar was eager to get the flag back. It was the only connection he had to his native country. A few months later, however, he was ready to part with it.

The collaboration with the museum is an important event in Emzar’s life. He is very proud of the fact that, for the first time in the history of the museum, the flag of Georgia was proudly waved there. It is a flag that is an integral part of his life, and Emzar hopes that with it the museum will preserve part of the history of his homeland.

As an activist, it is essential for Emzar to have a space where he can talk about the reality of life in Georgia, so he felt it was important to work with the museum and share his story. This has given him even more confidence and energy to stand on the barricades as an activist.


Emzars contribution to the museum

The flag of Georgia with which Emzar participated in all the demonstrations for more rights for the LGBTQIA+ community and an interview with Emzar about his flight from Georgia to Belgium.

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