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Fatima Adnan and Henia El Biyar

We are proud to pass on our history!

Fatima told the museum her story back in 2011 for the Here I am project. Henia’s daughter did the same. Years later, the two friends shared their story together for the temporary Destination Sweetheart exhibition.

Fatima and Henia are proud to tell their story, about how things used to be, how they got here, how life has gone. Now they are grandmothers. They feel a responsibility to tell their story and pass it on to their children and grandchildren, who need to know their history, they both say.

They cherish their memories. “Talking about things is painful sometimes, but it makes us realise that we can be proud. We have gained a place in history here.”

In addition to sharing their story, Fatima and Henia are partners in the study exploring reminiscence entitled How things were, there and here. This is a study of dementia in people with a migration background conducted by the Red Star Line Museum in collaboration with Karel de Grote University of Applied Sciences and Arts.


Fatima and Henia's contribution to the museum

Fatima gave us some photos and the Quran she received as a child and brought to Belgium. We are also preserving her story of her migration to Belgium as an audio recording.

We keep a number of photos of Henia, the curtain Henia used every year during the car trip to Morocco, and a gold medal awarded by the city of Antwerp for the golden wedding of Henia El Biyar with Mohamed Falki.

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