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Laura Vargas

You can really shine here with your history and talents.

Laura is an illustrator who moved to Belgium from Colombia for love. In 2019, she presented her story for the temporary Destination Sweetheart exhibition. Afterwards, she remained involved in the operation of the museum. Laura is now also a guide and runs creative workshops, in which she herself invites people to share their stories.

As a newcomer, learning Dutch was a challenge for her. “The Red Star Line Museum is the only place that saw me as a person, that saw my story and my talents and not the language.”

For her first few years in Belgium, Laura did not feel accepted. There was always a wall, a (language) barrier. All her other talents became invisible as a result. She donated her story to the museum and got a lot more back, she says.

“The museum gives us as migrants a place to be vulnerable and to share our stories. It gives me confidence, a feeling of home and the security to demonstrate my talents to society and to really have a place in Antwerp. It was here that I became a person again.”


Laura's contribution to the museum

Laura donated 2 photos, 2 drawings, her wedding invitation and an interview about her migration to Belgium.

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