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Gülşah Ayla Bayrak foto: Dries Luyten

Gülşah Ayla Bayrak

Artist exhibition Homesickness

Who is Gülşah?

Gülşah Ayla Bayrak is a multidisciplinary artist from Belgium. She studied Fine Arts at the Luca School of Arts and did an exchange in South Korea at the Korea National University of Arts as a Fine Arts student.

Bayrak has roots in Turkey and Georgia, which strongly influences her work. The artist creates connections between East and West and tries to overcome the imaginary border between the two continents. She focuses on individual experiences, cultural diaspora and the role of society in her life.


Gülşah has her say

With 'I left a mountain in a Room', I depict the loss and lasting impact of a loved one. The work was inspired by my relationship with my father, who served as a constant and unyielding point in my life, like a mountain.

The mountain, a symbol of strength and stability, leaves the room, leaving a physical and emotional void. The tattoos on the mountain symbolise the memories and experiences I shared with my father. And they symbolise my emotional journey in accepting his loss.

It is great that the migration story of people now arriving in Belgium is shown in the place where so many people migrated to America a century ago. Migration affects millions of people around the world, and it really can happen to anyone.

Migrants often face significant barriers to participating in political and social life. By creating art about migration, artists can give a voice to those who may not have a platform to speak for themselves, and help them amplify their stories and experiences.


Despite setbacks, the human spirit perseveres, striving for a better life, a brighter future and advocating life as a human being.


What is homesickness?

Recently, I was able to link a new meaning to homesickness. For me, homesickness is constantly changing and can be associated with different feelings. It can be a longing for a time or place, or for a person or object.

Gülşah's work can be seen in

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