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Sponsoring the museum

As a sponsor, you will be associated with the Red Star Line Museum and its cultural and social objectives. In this way, you simultaneously contribute to the development of society. This collaboration also gives your company the opportunity to achieve important objectives through cultural sponsorship.

A win-win situation: what do you get as a sponsor?

Investing money in culture generates prestige and a broader image. Art and culture can be used by your company in its marketing strategy.

Sponsoring a museum means that your company profiles itself as a 'good citizen'. You provide each visitor with lasting proof of your commitment. You get a prestigious business card for your company.

Moreover, we provide concrete quid pro quos. You get 'exposure' and 'hospitality' returns with every sponsor package: striking visibility, participation in important networking events for you and your business contacts, free admission to the museum and events, use of the historic museum infrastructure for your exclusive corporate events.

You score high on 'brand awareness', 'B2B networking' and 'incentives'. And don't forget to tick 'entertaining', 'new audience' and 'CSR'.

How and what do you sponsor?

You can become a sponsor with various formulas and at different levels: from project-related sponsorship or structural partnerships to 'in-kind' contributions.

Via a sponsoring package for a short-term, project-related partnership, your contribution will go, for example, to an important restoration, acquisition, scientific research or exhibition presentation.

Do you prefer the long term? Then become a corporate partner on a structural basis, spread over several years, and support a particular aspect of the museum's operations.

How to become a sponsor?

Please contact Karen Moeskops (museum director) via 

We are open to your wishes and provide a tailor-made sponsorship formula.

Every sponsorship is important to us - regardless of its size. We are sincerely grateful to every sponsor.

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Come aboard

Does the Red Star Line Museum hold a special place in your heart? Then come aboard: as a sponsor, as a donor or as a volunteer. Or share your story and expand our collection.

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